about us

We. It already starts there. We are Crooked House Dornröschen, that is Sleeping Beauty in German, and I, Dominique Selmayr. Dornröschen is my Irish Wolfhound. She is called Röschen, little Rose in German. She accompanies me on all my walks, here at home in Germany a little north of Munich, on vacation in Sweden and whereever we roam, where I take my photos. In fact, without my dogs, I would never have gotten into photography. My first goal was to take nice photos of my dog, then Dahmrak's Quadros.


Dahmrak's Quadros

Crooked House Dornröschen (Sleeping Beauty)

But my dogs were always too fast for my phone, especially in their great moments. And so one thing led to another. First a small, wonderfully handy, lightweight camera. A "telephoto" in addition, so that I can take pictures from further away. A macro because it is a pleasure to look closely at things. 

But as it is, I always wanted more, couldn't get close enough, the pictures not sharp enough... and I hope it stays that way forever.

Ich verwende Capture X Fine Art Print Papiere

A thank you

A test box of the Capture X Rag Fine textured gave me the idea that I did not only want to get into photography, but also into fine art print. Because what do you get from the most beautiful pictures when they are locked in your own computer? ... and when I print my pictures I want to see them shine - "not somehow, but as they deserve: printed on valuable fine art paper, emphasised in just the right way, with unique surface structures, letting the vivid colors shine and keeping them beautiful for years. ”I can't say it better than Capture X, so here are descriptions of Capture X for the papers I use in my webshop:

Properties of the Rag Fine Textured

The Rag Fine Textured is a high quality Photo Rag paper made of 100% cotton. In contrast to many other cotton papers, it impresses with an extremely subtle structure that takes back and lets the image work.

• 310 gsm, 100% cotton (520 µm thick)

• Subtle rag structure

• Matt, warm white

• Large color space and precise sharpness

• Long aging resistance

• Without optical brighteners


Properties of the Natural Matt


The Natural Matt is a real fine art paper made from 100% alpha cellulose. It can be described as a real all-rounder, as it offers an excellent performance and, at 200 grams, is stiff, but very easy to work with.

• 200 gsm, 100% alpha cellulose (303 µm thick)

• Natural structure

• Matt, warm white

• Colors shine despite the matt surface

• Without optical brighteners


Ich verwende Capture X Fine Art Print Papiere