Nature is our greatest asset.

She is not nice. She is not cute and certainly not cuddly. But she is beautiful. Cruel and beautiful. It is the eternal change and balance.

And we are dependent on her in many ways.

In this context, it is most important to me how much I need nature. Walking my dog every day is my medicine. Most of the time, everything that burdens me is a little easier after just a few steps and I can breathe again. Not the nervous need for a cigarette, but taking a deep breath. Quiet. All my senses are wide awake and I can enjoy the moment, recharge my batteries.

When I go out with my camera and my dog in search of pictures that show the "all" I find there, it is important not to disturb, especially not to destroy. I get annoyed when I stumble over garbage and grumblingly take it with me into the nearest trash can. We all owe that to each other. But I can't change anyone. 

With natures details, I am searching for the best way to do my bit preserve what I can in the ever changing times.

Dominique Selmayr